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The Qu-Chi Hayfever Band®

What Is The Qu-Chi Acupressure Band ?

The Original Qu-Chi (pronounced Q-chee) hayfever band® has been developed by Acupuncturist Andrew Broch, to apply pressure to the LI-11 acupoint on the elbow, known in Chinese as Quchi.


Acupuncturists believe stimulation of this point pulls energy away from the Head, nose, face and throat. It was created to balance and harmonise the body's energy or Chi, and help promote a feeling of well-being.

Acupuncture pressure points have been used for thousands of years and are increasingly used by western doctors and hospital

The Original Qu-Chi Hayfever Band® is a Drug-free, natural product. It can be used in conjunction with your medication and is suitable for use throughout the night, thus making it a product you can use 24 hours a day.

The Qu-Chi Hayfever Band® does not cause drowsiness and suitable for all ages. it should be worn from before symptoms start, but can be put on when symptoms are noticed. It can be worn on either arm and used all year round.


It was a number one, BEST SELLING product on amazon for the 10th year in 2023! It is also available at Boots

Registered with medical devices agency as class 1 medical product (CE marked) Product. It can be hand washed and is available in a choice of colours. It is NOT suitable for use in pregnancy

the qu-chi hayfever band
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